Jesus is the greatest teacher of all time.

He graciously taught parables to help us understand great truths about God and His love.

The Sermon on the Mount beautifully illustrates our need for God.

In these three chapters Jesus opens our eyes to the way things should be in God’s Kingdom.

We are taught to love our enemies, seek reconciliation and to consider ourselves blessed when persecuted.

These teachings expose our weakness and need for God. The Lord’s standard is far above our own strength.

As you read the Sermon on the Mount, invite Jesus to teach you how to think differently about yourself and others.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God will begin to give you the power to live out these great teachings.


What teaching of Jesus in Matthew chapters 5, 6, and 7 do you find most encouraging?

What teaching raises the most questions for you?

Discuss your thoughts with the community of Christians you have in your life.


“Jesus, I am so challenged by what I have read today. I invite you to change my thinking and help me live out the truths you have shown me. I know this is only possible through your Holy Spirit who lives in me. Father, in your strength I want to love even my enemies (Matthew 5:44) and let my light shine before all men (Matthew 5:16) so that they may come to know Jesus Christ. Be glorified in my life today, oh Lord! In Your glorious name I pray, Amen”