God loves us with a kindness and loyalty that words cannot describe.

The world’s definition of love is very different than God’s. To say that we love something may mean that we temporarily feel strongly about it, but God’s love is SO MUCH GREATER.

God’s perfect love lasts not just for the moment, or the near future, or even for years down the road; God loves us for eternity! God’s love is not just a feeling, it is an action. God is LOVE. He desires for us to live safely within His care and love!

  1. 1 JOHN 4:16
  2. 1 JOHN 4:8-9
A.4. GOD IS LOVE . . .

God’s love is so great, so perfect, so wonderful.

Stop for a moment and declare to God your belief in His love. His loyalty, patience, kindness, faithfulness, tenderness.

For example, you might pray: “God, I believe that Your love is loyal.” Or maybe, “God, I praise You because You are compassionate and kind.”

So many good things are wrapped up in God’s love for you. You are greatly loved.

PRAYER . . .

““Father God, I praise you. You are love! Thank you for loving me.

I embrace your love. I know that your love will help me to love others.”

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